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BJJ Flower Power Sweep | Professor Malachy Friedman

Flower Power Sweep
Welcome to Flower Power Sweep! Malachy Friedman, creator of the DARCE KILLER, has perfected the Flower Sweep, sending this already high percentage move skyrocketing. Malachy breaks down the mechanics of this seemingly simple, closed guard sweep and demonstrates how to exploit its full potential using many slick variations so you can dominate your toughest opponents. Your opponent’s counters will prove futile as you land armbars, triangles, foot attacks and transition with ease into various guards from this sweep. You will demolish the competition with these funky Flower Power sweep techniques, leaving your opponents dazed and confused. Flower Power! Check it out Here

Malachy Friedman is a 2nd degree Ricardo Liborio Black Belt who spends most of his time at his academy, American Top Team Lowcountry /Black Label Jiu-Jitsu in Charleston, South Carolina, which he operates with wife, Sarah. When Malachy is not on the mats instructing and coaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA, you’ll find him in “the lab” strategizing, innovating, publishing new techniques, and contributing to the evolution of the art.

  1. Intro
  2. Closed Guard
  3. Flower Sweep
  4. Lapel Choke
  5. Lapel Sweep
  6. Flower Counter
  7. Flower Armbar
  8. Flower Sweep Lapel Armbar
  9. Inverted Armbar
  10. Flower Triangle
  11. Flower Barataplata
  12. Flower Swede
  13. X-Guard Sweep
  14. Tama Flower
  15. Tama Details
  16. Flower Heisen Guard
  17. Worm Lapelata Triangle
  18. Flower Worm Lapelata Mounted Armbar
  19. Flower Worm Lapelata Mounted Reverse Triangle
  20. Reverse Flower Tilt Charge Up
  21. Reverse Flower Tilt Triangle
  22. Reverse Flower Tillt Inverted Armbar
  23. Outro
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Never tap to a Darce Choke Again!
Ricardo Liborio “Revolutionary”
5 of 5 Stars! by Killerbee on 07/04/2017
5-star video. This system works beautifully. It kills the Darce pure and simple. Every move is explained very clearly and demonstrated expertly.