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American Top Team Anti-Bullying Program

American Top Team Anti-Bullying Program Bullying has been on our national radar screen as a major social problem for many years. The effects of bullying can be dramatic and long-lasting for the bullied child and include emotional and physical pain, academic problems, and social withdrawal. Even the aggressor experiences negative consequences, putting themselves at higher […]

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Jiu-Jitsu is an Art

jiu-jitsu art, bjj, Jiu-Jitsu is an ART, Charleston, Martial Arts

“Human nature (Jiu-Jitsu) is full of riddles and contradictions; its very complexity engenders art – and by art I mean the search for something more than simple linear formulations, flat solutions, oversimplified explanations.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn  Substitute the words Jiu-Jitsu for the words human nature and it challenges one to consider exactly what does art […]

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You are who you associate yourself with – “No Bully Zone”

No bully Zone, antibully, BJJ, Dare, Charleston martial Arts

Truism #1: You are who you surround yourself with. This is something my mother always told me, and it’s spot-on. In my kid’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, I teach them that if they are in a group of kids that is making fun of another child, then they are as guilty as the others. Why? They […]

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What Struggle Teaches

Struggle, Malachy Friedman, Evan Tanner, MMA

What Struggle Teaches I have been involved in this sport of MMA for the past 18 years. Early in my career, I have made a lot of poor decisions in my training and recovery that are clear to me now. I was in the sport before money was ever really being offered to fighters who […]

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The Power of Drilling

Drilling, BJJ, Brian Mahecha, malachy friedman

Power of Drilling Depending on your coach you will be given a technique to drill or your own time to drill a technique of your choice. Let’s say your coach says “armbars 25x each, warmup!” Your thoughts “Boring, I know this” Let me just swing side to side and finish up these 25 reps. So […]

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Most Self-Defense Courses Are Cash Grabs

Self-Defense, Abuse, Seminars, West Ashley, Rape, Victim, Metoo, Domestic Violence, Charleston

Women’s Self-Defense This past week, the Post and Courier ran a story about me and the success of our ATT Lowcountry free Women’s Self-Defense seminars. The same icy cold January day that the reporter came out to observe, another 100+ women of all ages came to learn the basics of real self-defense. In the seminar […]

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Growing into the GI

gi, BJJ Kids, BJJ pink gi, BJJ girls, Charleston karate, charleston martial arts, charleston muay Thai, Charleston wrestling, Charleston mma, Charleston Krav Maga

Growing into the Gi With small children, a big part of learning martial arts is simply about developing self-confidence. Having confidence to put on a gi and walk onto the mats may be easy for some children but certainly not all. Some children require more reassurance than others. So parents don’t get discouraged if your […]

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BJJ FOR LIFE: The Superior Self-Defense

superior self-defense, BJJ Grips

BJJ FOR LIFE: FOCUS Part 3 – BJJ – The superior self-defense! I talked about Focus and Fortitude and how they worked together and got stronger through BJJ practice. In earlier posts, I talked about how studies show that neural pathways are engaged and strengthened through repetition, making BJJ a great activity to develop the […]

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Benefits of Learning a Martial Art – Cultivating Respect is Most Important

respect, BJJ, BJJ KIDS, Martial arts, jiu jitsu

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: The FOX CHAMPS CODE Parenting experts often talk up the benefits of learning a martial art. They talk about fitness, focus, friends and self-discipline. To borrow from the late, great Aretha Franklin, it’s cultivating R-E-S-P-E-C-T that experts say is most important. They say that children learn respect by showing respect (bowing, shaking hands, sportsmanship, […]

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BJJ Tournament Jitters are not just for White Belts

Tournament Jitters, BJJ, Competition

Tournament Jitters – We all get the jitters – that jumpy feeling before you’re called to compete. Even the pros feel anxiety before a big match but they have strategies to calm the mind. When it comes to performance anxiety, bjj competitions can be like public speaking; the focus is all on you and your […]

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