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Can your children protect themselves from a bully?

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Can your children protect themselves from a bully?   Some kids go through school without one fight, and are not exposed to physical bullying. Others will at some point get into a fight whether they are a willing participant or not. Hopefully, it’s just a schoolyard tussle never to be repeated again. Too often, as […]

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | BJJ Academy training in Charleston

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Words from Charleston’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Professor – Malachy Friedman Break the Belt Approach: The belt changes color by itself! I am a big proponent of breaking the belt. When your belt becomes so worn from tying it every day it literally breaks apart, you are on the right track toward promotion. It’s funny how […]

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Welcome, Black Label Jiu-Jitsu, Japan! Our newest BJJ gym!

Black Label Jiu-Jitsu, BJJ Japan, Best BJJ Gym

We would like to introduce Black Label Jiu-Jitsu Japan! BLACK LABEL WORLDWIDE! We couldn’t have asked for a better group to represent us internationally. We are very proud of all of you. Years from now the legacy of Black label Jiu-Jitsu will be strong because of team members like you. They broke my heart going […]

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What I call Junk-Jitsu | Charleston BJJ Academy

Junk Jitsu, Junk Jiu-Jitsu

What I call Junk-Jitsu 🤔🤔 Playing the game of transitions and concepts you will find different sweeps that will resemble sweeps you have drilled. This is something I picked up watching Cobrinha and may have hit years ago. After being asked what to do from De La Riva, I poked around and a variation of […]

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What We Have In Common | BJJ

       NERDS, JOCKS AND WHAT WE HAVE IN COMMON   My mats are packed with people with not much in common, except BJJ! I am proud when I look around the mat and cannot find many similarities in my students. Some are lawyers, some are college or high school students, some are skilled labor, […]

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“BJJ creates calm in the chaos.”- Professor Malachy

Professor Malachy, Malachy Friedman, Charleston Martial Arts

“BJJ creates calm in the chaos.” – Professor Malachy It’s your first competition. It’s time to step on the mats. You start looking for your competitor, wondering if they are bigger than you. Can you beat them? What will your team think if you lose? Here is where BJJ comes to the rescue! Your competitor […]

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BJJ FOR LIFE: You can never outgrow the sport

BJJ for Life, Self-Defense

BJJ FOR LIFE: Photo of Professor Friedman’s master, ATT founder Ricardo Liborio (b 1967), defeating superstar Mario Sperry (b. 1966) in 2015. BJJ is a complete body-mind-spirit sport, but it’s not always an easy path to follow. So while the people attracted to the sport may come from different walks of life, they share hardcore […]

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