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Junk Jitsu, Junk Jiu-Jitsu

What I call Junk-Jitsu 🤔🤔

Playing the game of transitions and concepts you will find different sweeps that will resemble sweeps you have drilled. This is something I picked up watching Cobrinha and may have hit years ago. After being asked what to do from De La Riva, I poked around and a variation of the @cobrinhacharles sweep shook out. Was it perfect? No, but in Junk-Jitsu usually you only need 3/5 of the concepts to make something viable. If its shutdown you have another track to transition into, like inside X or single x. Getting your opponent moving and defending your attacks sets up this 80/20 concept that seems to carry over across all things, as well I believe also with Jiu-jitsu. This doesn’t mean to not drill to get everything done correctly and efficiently but be open to taking the opportunity when opportunity presents itself.