American Top Team Anti-Bullying Program

American Top Team Anti-Bullying Program
Bullying has been on our national radar screen as a major social problem for many years. The effects of
bullying can be dramatic and long-lasting for the bullied child and include emotional and physical pain,
academic problems, and social withdrawal. Even the aggressor experiences negative consequences,
putting themselves at higher risk of becoming involved in criminal activity in adulthood.
American Top Team is a world-renowned Martial Arts Academy with many famous athletes counted
among our ranks. At American Top Team, we take a firm stance against bullying and believe that given
the right voice behind the anti-bully movement, we can not only reduce the number of bullied children,
but also prevent those prone to bullying behavior by giving them strong, positive role models.

Types of Bullying

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  • Verbal
  • Social
  • Physical
  • Cyber





Why Bullying takes place?
-Lack of social skills
-Defense mechanism. The bully’s competence, social connection, or self-worth become exposed.
– Verbal or physical aggressiveness may take place at home.
– Bullying has reinforced social status or power.
– Home may lack healthy affection or empathy.

To teach kids the proper social skills to effectively prevent bullying.
Prevent bullying before it takes place.
Intervening safely during the act of bullying.

The AggressorCharleston, Antibullying

– May be excluded, lonely or hurting
– May be bullied at home, neighborhood or in school
– Not understand how to make friends

Myths and Realities on bullying and how to combat it

– Bullying is used to gain a sense of power or satisfaction in hurting someone
Reality: Bullies usually need an audience to accomplish these goals. Taking this away from them weakens their motives.
-Mediation is not the best remedy
Reality: There is an imbalance of power between victim and bully. Mediating often only enforces
the imbalance at times.
-Bullying toughens the victim

Reality: There are no winners in bullying. Every child is different and not every story ends in a
victory for the victim.

American Top Team’s approach

Who we are
American Top Team is the Premier Mixed Martial Arts Team in the country. With over 100 professional
fighters, we are the team with the largest roster in the UFC. American Top Team also teaches adults and
children martial arts for competition and self-defense. Yes, we are competitive fighters, but we are also
sportsmen and women who live by the seven principles of the Black Belt: self-control, discipline,
modesty, courtesy, integrity, perseverance and an indomitable spirit.
Our approach to minimize bullying in school
In our academies we are adamantly against bullying in any and every form. We teach our students it is
not ok to bully or be a bystander to bullying. Many of our instructors and competitors are well
accomplished and their pledge against bullying holds weight with the youth we instruct. Standing strong
against bullying, we explain the different roles in bullying and then roleplay scenarios so it is easier for
our students to understand how to prevent or take part in bullying.
Our Seminars
Anti-Bully staff introductions as well as getting to know the audience with simple Q&A to relax and
involve the students. A dialogue on bullying: what students think bullying is; if they or someone they know has been bullied (usually by a show of hands); if they have brothers or sisters who may have excluded or have witnessed
bullying. Usually everyone has joined in bullying at some point.
Explain the different kinds of bullying with an example of each.
Role-playing involving the staff, teachers and students.
Examples of each scenario and how to handle each.
The Pledge to Stand Against Bullying
Copies of the Anti-Bully pledge are given to children to sign, and take home to present to their parents.