American Top Team Lowcountry’s first BJJ Black Belt

INSPIRATIONAL impromptu Speech from Jarret Smotrila after he receives his Black Belt from Professor Malachy Friedman and Master Ricardo Liborio WHAT AN AMAZING NIGHT!! “I didn’t know there was footage of Jarret Smotrila‘s speech after receiving his Black Belt. Their may be better quality. BUT I feel like everyone needs TO LISTEN ALL THE WAY THROUGH. It was an inspirational speech to everyone in attendance. BUT MAYBE THE PEOPLE WHO NEEDED TO HEAR IT WERE NOT THERE. This is for you guys as well. Talking about overcoming adversity and the art saving you from a hard time. Being persistent even when it seems nearly impossible. Jarret Smotrila was a blessing coming into my academy. He holds the values needed to inspire and guide. His dedication to the pursuit of excellence in the craft of BJJ should be emulated by all. I am proud to the lay the foundation of what ATT Lowcountry is and will be in the future. We are more than a team of excellent martial artists. We are peers, role models, students, teachers, friends, but more importantly a family. This is who we are and will grow through the academy. I am extremely proud of everyone. The night of Oct 6 2017 is Jarret Smotrila‘s promotion night. But if you heed his advice THE FUTURE IS YOURS. OSS” Professor Friedman


“A first Tonight at Att Lowcountry. A lot has taken place in our 2 1/2 years as an academy. But tonight w/ Ricardo Liborio @liboriobjj 10/6/17 we have our very first promotion to Black Belt. @smotrila Not only passed my rigorous expectations of what a true black belt is but surpassed it. An honest, humble, loyal being on top of extreme knowledge and ability in BJJ but also the hunger to learn more and always strive to be better. Welcome Jarrett Smotrila to the next step in the journey of pursuit of excellence. Black Belt is just the start.”