Benefits of Learning a Martial Art – Cultivating Respect is Most Important

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Parenting experts often talk up the benefits of learning a martial art. They talk about fitness, focus, friends and self-discipline. To borrow from the late, great Aretha Franklin, it’s cultivating R-E-S-P-E-C-T that experts say is most important. They say that children learn respect by showing respect (bowing, shaking hands, sportsmanship, etc.) and this may be the most significant benefit because it improves behavior off the mats. We totally agree. Our Fox Champs have many opportunities to learn respect and gain self-respect on the mats. As skills grow, so does confidence, pride and self-respect. Kids with a high degree of self-respect who show respect for others are more likely to become successful and happy.

Imagine a workplace where all your co-workers were respectful team players, reliably punctual, unfailingly considerate, clean and appropriately groomed at all times and were focused on the job at hand? That’s the DREAM TEAM there. If these were family members, you’d host Thanksgiving every day.

Manners such as these are taught at home and school and much to the delight of parents, on the mats. Parents send their children to us to learn the most effective martial art, but we never hear any complaints when the kids absorb The Rules of the Mat! In fact, some parents think that’s the best part.

The Rules of the Mat:

  • Come to class with a positive attitude and try your best in every class!
  • Show courtesy to your fellow students and instructors – on and off the mat.
  • Be on time. If you are late, get permission before entering the mat. Bow to all coaches and shake hands if you are late.
  • Never step on the mat wearing shoes. (You MUST use shoes when using the bathroom.)
  • Always bow to the mat upon entering and leaving.
  • Refer to your instructors by their title (ex: Master) or “sir/ma’am.”
  • Respect teammates by paying attention and not talking while professor is speaking.
  • Practice good hygiene; Keep your gi clean. Braid or pull back long hair. Cut your nails.
  • Remove accessories, bows, earrings, bracelets, etc.
  • Greet your opponent. BJJ standard greeting is bow and shake hands.
  • Do not attend class if you are sick.
  • Keep your hands to yourself. If a problem arises, bring it to your instructor’s attention.
  • Keep our bathrooms clean!

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