“BJJ creates calm in the chaos.”- Professor Malachy

Professor Malachy, Malachy Friedman, Charleston Martial Arts

BJJ creates calm in the chaos.” – Professor Malachy

It’s your first competition. It’s time to step on the mats. You start looking for your competitor, wondering if they are bigger than you. Can you beat them? What will your team think if you lose? Here is where BJJ comes to the rescue! Your competitor is YOU, and it doesn’t matter their size. You know this because you train with bigger kids every day. We are all here for each other; we are one; we are a team. Remember, everyone loses, even the best in the world.

In time, these answers become beliefs. You will feel calmer, more in control. Without self-doubt, you are focused. You are riding a super highway from chaos to calmness every time you step on those mats. Not everyone has the gift to find calm in the chaos, but you have it because of BJJ.

Now we can start applying to outside situations – weather, traffic, rude people – it can all affect your inner mood. Shake it off. But if ever a situation becomes very chaotic, you have the tools to calm your mind and control your emotions. It’s easier said than done, but you can practice calming your mind every day with BJJ.

Just like weightlifting builds physical strength, BJJ builds brain strength and self-control. When you are in the BJJ zone, you focus on what matters and your mind calms. With practice, you can get in that same zone whenever you need it, and find calm in the chaos. – Professor Malachy

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