BJJ FOR LIFE: The Superior Self-Defense

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Part 3 – BJJ – The superior self-defense!
I talked about Focus and Fortitude and how they worked together and got stronger through BJJ practice. In earlier posts, I talked about how studies show that neural pathways are engaged and strengthened through repetition, making BJJ a great activity to develop the mind, and with consistent practice, children learn to focus.
I also covered other top reasons to study the art, such as earning respect, learning problem solving, developing confidence, self-reliance and an indomitable spirit, etc. There is one benefit of BJJ that I haven’t talked about in a while and that because it’s completely obvious to me though it may not be as evident to parents watching every week from the sidelines. BJJ is one of the best self-defense systems on the planet. Yes, your Little Fox or your Fox Champ is really very cute, but that makes it all too easy to overlook that your child is learning a real-life skill that may protect him/her someday. We try to make learning fun, but BJJ is serious self-defense. A child who starts young and continues practice into adulthood will be well-prepared indeed. Steer your kids in the direction of their best interests. Encourage them if they start to lose their enthusiasm. Remember BJJ trumps all! – Professor Malachy Friedman

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