Creating Two Active “YOUS” by Drilling BJJ Differently

BJJ Charleston

Creating Two Active “YOUS” by Drilling Differently – Developing subconscious reactions to a player’s offense allows you to be consciously searching for offensive techniques. For example, when you have an offensive guard like de la Riva and your opponent kills your hook, the position is most likely dead for you turning your offensive guard to a more defensive position. You want always keep the position in your favor either by grips or control. A 70/30 ratio is what I aim for, where I feel I am 70% offense against his 30% offense. The moment that changes, I am looking for a transition into my original guard either by resetting grips, hooks or angle, or I transitioning into a new guard where I once again have an offensive advantage.
New brain imaging studies show that your subconscious brain is more active and purposeful than originally thought and can be primed to produce results. This started me thinking about how we might hotwire our subconscious to produce results. For example, when drilling BJJ – the transition between guards when our opponent changes the position by breaking key grips or killing hooks and angles, than we will learn to always stay offensive, and I reasoned that sooner or later the drilled transition would come subconsciously. The benefit is this: while our subconscious is transitioning or dealing with our opponents attempt at offense, we can activate conscious thinking and planning to find offensive attacks of our own. That way, two “yous” can compete against one opponent. I like the sound of those odds.

Malachy Friedman, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – BJJ Black belt under Ricardo Liborio – Charleston, SC