Welcome, Black Label Jiu-Jitsu, Japan! Our newest BJJ gym!

Black Label Jiu-Jitsu, BJJ Japan, Best BJJ Gym

We would like to introduce Black Label Jiu-Jitsu Japan!

BLACK LABEL WORLDWIDE! We couldn’t have asked for a better group to represent us internationally. We are very proud of all of you. Years from now the legacy of Black label Jiu-Jitsu will be strong because of team members like you. They broke my heart going halfway across the world to be on big ships with warheads instead of with little ol me and my Jiu-Jitsu noggin ???? . BUT somehow in this crazy world they are stationed together and training together once again. Knowing the impact I had on them and the impact they had on me, I know they will sharpen each other overseas and keep the brand strong. So proud of these 5 (2 little one on the way, I’m claiming as my students too) Certain things turn up your energy and drive you forward when you see it. This certainly did for me today! Oss! @hernsmash @supergroversbjj @madison97grace #BlackLabelJiuJitsu #bjj #charleston #brazilianjiujitsu #bjjfamily #bjjlifestyle #bjj4life #grappling #japan @ ATT Lowcountry


Allan Hernandez – “Quick update for you guys; Black Label Jiu Jitsu Japan is growing. Word is getting out about our classes and attendance is slowly increasing. I love and miss all you guys and want you to know that Tre, Madison, and I are representing the brand to the best of our abilities. — with Grover Smith.”