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MAY SPRINGS TO 4-1 WITH BIG WEEKEND WIN CHARLESTON, S.C. — All of Chad May’s hard work paid off Saturday night. It was then that the American Top Team Lowcountry mixed martial artist picked up his fourth MMA win with a three-round victory under the lights at Conflict MMA 34 at Memminger Auditorium in Charleston. […]

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Too much aim, not enough trigger- BJJ Charleston

    Too much aim, not enough trigger – BJJ Charleston We learn position before submission is usually best. Yes, being able to pull the “trigger” during a scramble when you see an arm or choke to earn the submission is a great tool and often a necessity. Being able to aim is as equally […]

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What we do requires commitment- BJJ students – Charleston, SC

Coach Malachy Friedman Conflict MMA BJJ Charleston ATT lowcountry

Doing what’s best for my students is something that is continually on my mind. Every day, I try to go above and beyond what it takes to enhance my students understanding of BJJ or MMA. I am not a $20-dollar gym. We have 4 BJJ classes a day, and my prices reflect what I put […]

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Creating Two Active “YOUS” by Drilling BJJ Differently

BJJ Charleston

Creating Two Active “YOUS” by Drilling Differently – Developing subconscious reactions to a player’s offense allows you to be consciously searching for offensive techniques. For example, when you have an offensive guard like de la Riva and your opponent kills your hook, the position is most likely dead for you turning your offensive guard to […]

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RICARDO LIBORIO is coming to ATT LOWCOUNTRY Charleston, SC – December 21st

Ricardo Libório, co-founder of American Top Team, and Champion of the ADCC 2015 “SUPERFIGHT”against Mario Sperry, is coming to Attlowcountry – Charleston, SC – December 21, 2015. Libório helps to train a stable of UFC, Bellator, and other professional MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai fighters, including Thiago Alves, Robbie Lawler, Antônio Silva, Nik Lentz, Marcus […]

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Reassessing Your BJJ Inventory

Reassessing Your Inventory

Reassessing your inventory   – Hey guys, this is one of my first BJJ / MMA blogs I wrote before moving to Charleston, SC. I am putting it on my American Top Team Lowcountry site, to share with all of my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Muay Thai and Martial Arts students. – Malachy Friedman   We […]

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Learn Almost Any Technique and Actually OWN IT

Technique, BJJ, BJJ Charleston, MMA, Malachy friedman

I know a lot of techniques but actually owning a technique, that is different.  What does that mean to own a technique?  Knowing the infrastructure forward and back, understanding the timing and tiny components to what makes it work.  In most players early years of BJJ they see a technique understand the concept then implement.  […]

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The Benefits of Visualization for Sports and BJJ

BJJ Visualization Malachy Friedman five Grappling IBJJF

The Benefits of Visualization for BJJ and Sports. For years I have had millions of make believe MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu matches and drilling sessions in my mind. Breaking down the steps to each new technique, from the entrance of the position to the completion of the sweep, pass or submission then chaining it to […]

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Turn Your Brain Into a Super-Highway for Jiu-Jitsu

brain, Charleston bjj, bjj mastermind, malachy friedman

Ok, we went over visualization and drilling but why and how does this make us better in training?  One word, Myelin.  Myelin is the insulation around nerve fibers.  The thicker the myelin the faster information travels from the brain to accomplish what you are trying to do.  Meaning the armbar myelin you’ve accumulated over the […]

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