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Budovideos interview highlight with Professor Friedman

Budovideos interview highlight with Professor Friedman

Professor Malachy from Charleston, SC takes a trip to California to visit Budo Jake with Budovideos. Escaping the Darce has been answered until the creation of The Darce Killer.

If we look at Tyron Woodley vs. Darren Till fight video here and the mechanics of Woodley’s lock, Darren Till was unable to put any defense together. Using the Darce Killer techniques we can find weakness adding immense pressure on the lock to break your opponents own grips.

Waiting to tap is never the answer. Often times when caught in the Darce chokes, a fighter will look like a deer caught in headlights before he taps. Using certain mechanics you can slow the choke down and eventually escape the lock when using one of the four or five Darce Killer escapes. 20 position variations so you will never be caught by surprise.

Budo Jake and Professor Friedman continue their discussion eventually leading to studing the submission from the (No arm) Darce or “Ninja choke” from guard. Friedman on-the-spot finding what could be structural weakness in the choke, finding a possible solution similar to The Darce Killer. Welcome to THE LAB!