Can your children protect themselves from a bully?

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Can your children protect themselves from a bully?


Some kids go through school without one fight, and are not exposed to physical bullying. Others will at some point get into a fight whether they are a willing participant or not. Hopefully, it’s just a schoolyard tussle never to be repeated again. Too often, as Facebook and YouTube have replayed, it can be a very violent, unprovoked attack. Sometimes there is a hero, well-versed in martial arts who defends himself valiantly and puts the bully in his place. Many times it’s really painful to watch, but as a BJJ instructor, I review these videos to see how the attack started, if it could have been avoided, and what the victim could have done to protect themselves if they had only known.


What am I sure about? I am sure that with one month of training bjj you will be twice as proficient at protecting yourself then you once were. With one year of training, you will be able to protect yourself by getting an attacker of the same size off of you. Within two years of training, size no longer matters. You will be able to get an attacker off of you. Within three years, not only will you be able to protect yourself against anyone of any size, but you will be able to completely control your attacker using just physics and body-mechanics without throwing a strike. I can guarantee it.


Three years may seem like a long commitment, but knowing how to survive an attack is no small thing. And the absolute best part is that it’s never boring. Completely the opposite! It’s a fun sport that keeps us fit. The sport aspect keeps you eager to train, while you increase your understanding of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for self-defense, so you can respond to attacks utilizing body science.

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