ATT Charleston MMA/BJJ

MAY SPRINGS TO 4-1 WITH BIG WEEKEND WIN CHARLESTON, S.C. — All of Chad May’s hard work paid off Saturday night. It was then that the American Top Team Lowcountry mixed martial artist picked up his fourth MMA win with a three-round victory under the lights at Conflict MMA 34 at Memminger Auditorium in Charleston.
“There’s no greater feeling in the world than having your hand raised,” May says after his victory, which he earned against Georgia’s Rashad Hood. “To go in there and not only win, but to do it dominantly through my skill-set, is just absolutely amazing. And I really think that it’s a true testament to what American Top Team has to offer.”
May works hard to balance his training with his education. He’s a kinesiology major at Charleston Southern University and trains as a complete mixed martial artist at American Top Team Lowcountry.
He has his sights set on ultimately making his living in MMA as a professional fighter. And although he isn’t sure when he’s going to make the jump to the pro ranks of the sport — he’s leaving that up to his professor, Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Malachy Friedman — he knows it’ll be under the American Top Team Lowcountry banner.
“Malachy trained with Evan Tanner back when he was the UFC Middleweight Champion, he trained with Ricardo Liborio in Coconut Creek. He’s been to all of these gyms and has learned from all these different sources, then he went to the best gym in the world — American Top Team in Coconut Creek — for almost nine years. Then he left the best gym in the world to share with us all of this knowledge in smalltown Charleston, South Carolina, so you couldn’t ask for a better coach,” May says.
“There’s no one else in this world than I’d rather have than Malachy.”