Solution to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Darce Choke. “DARCE KILLER” Series created by American Top Team Coach Malachy Friedman.
CHARLESTON, SC – BJJ black belt Malachy Friedman, coach and owner of ATT Lowcountry has created a series of techniques to defend against the Darce choke. In the past there has been no answer to escaping a fully-locked Darce. With the Darce Killer series, not only is there an escape but it Friedman’s techniques kills the Darce in every position. The Darce Killer has been tested by stars of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and UFC title contenders who repeatedly destroy the Darce with this method. It was then refined by Friedman’s mentor, the legendary Ricardo Liborio who calls the system “Revolutionary.”Darce BJJ Malchy Friedman
Darce Background: The Darce choke is a variation of the triangle arm choke used in BJJ, MMA and grappling sports. To achieve the Darce choke, a competitor wraps both his arms around his opponent’s neck, leaving one arm inside and the other outside this hold. The name is derived from D’arce, after the American grappler, Joe D’arce who while didn’t invent the technique, used it successfully in competition. The Darce has been used in the UFC 18 times for the win.
Until now, the fully-locked Darce has been impossible to escape. With The Darce Killer, the Darce is now declared officially dead.
The Darce Killer Series is available on demand at Digitsu: The “Darce Killer” Series It consists of 18 techniques, including The Sit; The Chop; The Flip; The Hip Block Tripod; The Tripod Walk; The Tripod Sit; The Air Sitout; Guard Escape; Step Over Escape; Mount Escape; Back Escape; Guillotine Escape and the Anaconda Escape.
For more information or video, contact Malachy Friedman, owner and chief instructor at American Top Team Lowcountry. (843) 561-4848 or

Friedman, a professional mixed martial artist and seasoned Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner who has trained some of the sport’s finest athletes, believes wholeheartedly in his approach to his personal training that his client’s needs and goals are his No. 1 priority.
To ensure his clients reach their full potential, Friedman, who is a member of the world-renowned American Top Team training facility, draws upon both his experience as a professional athlete and personal trainer to hand-craft specific plans that are designed with his client’s needs and goals always in mind.

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