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How BJJ Builds Self-Confidence in our Kids-

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Building Self-Confidence

First off, consistent training, sparring, and building stamina gives a person self-assurance in their physical abilities – no small thing! Never underestimate the significance of being confident in your ability to defend yourself. Beyond that, martial arts increases your belief in your judgement and trust in your abilities. In BJJ class we are continually tested, often fail, but never accept failure as a permanent condition. So when we succeed, and we will if we stick at it, we surge in self-confidence. We learn how to succeed, so we can rely on ourselves and trust ourselves. Confidence!

Help your child surge in confidence!

Here are a few things you can do at home to boost your self-confidence

  1. Visualizing is a great tool that helps Professor Malachy build his own self-confidence. Picture who you want to be in your mind or what you want everyday.
  2. Affirmation; just like visualization this takes practice everyday. I will try my best today – Today will be a good day. What is your goal? Keep it simple and set your self up to win the day!
  3. Do one thing that intimidates you every day (Talking to a new friend, trying a new activity, being the first to raise your hand in class) Question that inner critic!
  4. Be helpful. Build your confidence by helping someone that is struggling with a project or activity that you know well. You can do it!