Learn Almost Any Technique and Actually OWN IT

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I know a lot of techniques but actually owning a technique, that is different.  What does that mean to own a technique?  Knowing the infrastructure forward and back, understanding the timing and tiny components to what makes it work.  In most players early years of BJJ they see a technique understand the concept then implement.  Let’s take the armbar as an example…I take the arm I want swing my leg over the face pinch my legs and extend my hips…OK got it…not so fast.  Yes you have the overall picture and you may armbar white belts and people who have no idea what Jiu-Jitsu is but you are missing the tiny components that make the larger mechanism such an effective submission.  So we are going to chop it then chunk it

Ok now let’s really take apart the armbar into its smallest components

  1. Control arm
  2. Foot on the hip
  3. Pinch knee
  4. Change angle
  5. Kill posture with windshield wipe
  6. Maneuver thigh over face
  7. Pinch knees
  8. Heels down and toes up
  9. Control wrist position
  10. Elevate hips through heels

Ok so now we have the small components broken down.  Train, drill, and visualize each step.  We will learn visualization later in the book.

Now that you have done the armbar with every proper step so slow it is almost unrecognizable then we can slowly increase the speed by chunking.

Certain moves can now be put together once completely understood

  1. Control arm
  2. Foot on the hip and pinch knee
  3. Change angle and windshield wipe to kill posture
  4. Maneuver thigh over face and pinch knees
  5. Heels down/toes up and control wrist
  6. Elevate hips

Now once this is accomplished in a perfect manner from very slow to moderately fast

We can make an even larger chunk

  1. Control arm-foot on hip and pinch knee change angle and windshield wipe
  2. Maneuver thigh over  face—- pinch knees—heels down/toes up —control wrist
  3. Elevate hips

Then finally just the armbar now all the working smaller components are in place

  1. Armbar
  2. Tap – tap – tap
  3. Celebrate