Too much aim, not enough trigger- BJJ Charleston



Too much aim, not enough trigger – BJJ Charleston

We learn position before submission is usually best. Yes, being able to pull the “trigger” during a scramble when you see an arm or choke to earn the submission is a great tool and often a necessity. Being able to aim is as equally important, setting the position or the controls with grips and hooks such as De La Riva guard or Spider guard before the sweep or submission allowing the opponent to make a mistake or strategically placing the opponent in the trap. But there is a balance that is needed in order to have a higher percentage of success on the mats. Sometimes those players with too much aim set the guard and have a number of sweep options available but just don’t pull the trigger. This allows the opponent to view the situation he is in and apply a defense to the guard or position he is in. The window starts closing on sweeps and submissions when the opponent starts breaking grips and displacing hooks. The same can be said about the one with too much trigger and not enough aim. Here the player is seeking the sweep or submission before it is really available. He rushes the technique without the proper controls in order “to get there first” and hopefully get the sweep or submission. Now this can work against lesser opponents but when face with a savvy veteran there will be vital pieces missing and he will either escape or pass. Finding the perfect balance is difficult. It’s what separates knowing a technique and applying a technique. It’s also what separates belts because this is what timing and setting the traps is what could be the explanation of why a purple is better than a blue even though they attend the same class. The goal is always to be the best BJJ Jiu-Jitsu gunslinger we can be with the perfect balance of aim and trigger.