The Power of Drilling

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Power of Drilling

Depending on your coach you will be given a technique to drill or your own time to drill a technique of
your choice. Let’s say your coach says “armbars 25x each, warmup!” Your thoughts “Boring, I know this”
Let me just swing side to side and finish up these 25 reps. So my question is this… How good is your
armbar? Can you armbar most of your class? Blackbelts? World Class Black belts? Well, at that level it’s
hard to armbar anyone. Well, tell that to Rafael Mendes, World Champion who finishes the best in the
world with this simple technique.
Never rush through a technique, whether you know it or not your brain is making a neural connection
with the armbar whether you are doing it right or wrong. Your brain is memorizing it. The slower and
more correct you do it, the thicker the neural connection becomes; meaning that the information is
traveling through your brain faster and more efficient than ever before. Once again, Myelin at play.
This is brain science and it is responsible for all the tasks you do effortlessly. The more Jiu-Jitsu you can
accomplish with muscle memory, the more the “active you” can observe other parts of the match or
training you are involved in.

Read about Myelin here and turn your brain into a Super-Highway!