ATT Lowcountry’s professional Muay Thai upcoming fight Charleston, SC

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ATT Lowcountry’s fighter speaks on upcoming Muay Thai fight in Charleston, SC

Michael Hazzard: I’ve been doing great. Made a move to ATT Lowcountry a few months back to link up with old teammates and Coach Malachy Friedman. I’m learning new techniques and philosophies from Malachy. About to have a child with the woman I love and fight one of the top welterweights in this state. I couldn’t be in a better place physically and mentally at this moment.

The “team” ATT Lowcountry is doing great. Guys like Chad May, Eddie Miller, Lucas Pinto, Stryker Huffman, Johnnie Copper and Christan Johnson continue to train with me at ATT and are becoming absolute monsters. I’ve had the opportunity to have my fight camp during Hector Urbina’s fight camp for his upcoming July 23 fight at UFC Chicago. I’m watching first hand from Coach Malachy how a high level fight camp is done. Its especially showing with the fighters’ and his developments. Reaching their absolute best at the best time and is blossoming into the best all around fighters.

Many friends/teammates of mine (many that you happen to know quite well) have went other directions in they’re training and I occasionally link up with them for our own training sessions. That’s the beautiful thing about the MMA, Muay Thai and BJJ scene in the Charleston areas. Some trainers, teammates, and more so friends may chose a different path in their training for whatever reasons but at the end of the day we share that common bond of Charleston MMA. From the small schools to the big gyms, we have that mutual respect.