Reassessing Your BJJ Inventory

Reassessing Your Inventory

Reassessing your inventory


– Hey guys, this is one of my first BJJ / MMA blogs I wrote before moving to Charleston, SC. I am putting it on my American Top Team Lowcountry site, to share with all of my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Muay Thai and Martial Arts students. – Malachy Friedman


We obtain many techniques throughout our years of trial and error on
the mat.  Some of these techniques become our “go to” moves that come
naturally and work well for us.  After we use a technique repeatedly,
it becomes part of our “Jiu-Jitsu inventory,” our personal supply of
moves that we are most knowledgeable about and feel most confident

Now no technique works all the time, every time, and we don’t expect
our preferred technique to be fail-proof which is why we have other
techniques that we chain together. However, we should definitely
reassess the first bjj technique we attempted, even if it is one of our
best and most reliable.  There is usually something that we can do to
enhance this technique; maybe it’s a simple matter of applying
leverage or pressure in a specific area. Or maybe your timing is
slightly off.  The point is to get comfortable with a battery of
moves, but never take them for granted. Keep reevaluating your stock
techniques, mastering the basics. You will find that even the most
advanced moves usually end in a basic technique. For example, a
helicopter armbar or an advanced sweep that ends by simply sitting up
into a controlled knee on belly position.

Keep focused on the instructors even when you become familiar with
techniques they are demonstrating. When an instructor teaches a move
that I already know or even one of my favorites, I pay close
attention.  Over the years, I have noticed that every instructor does
a technique slightly different or holds a different step of the
technique to be of greater importance to the overall move. Often
times, I have been left wondering how well I really knew the technique
in the first place, which only illustrates the brilliance and beauty
of the quest to master anything.